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Technology Applications


Welcome to my 5th & 6th grade technology applications class.


I am honored to teach 6th grade technology applications at Bastrop Intermediate School.  This year we will develop and strengthen technology skills to support my students future digital learning needs.  Students can expect a robust workload of lessons however, there should be plenty of class lab time to complete student work.  I will use Google Classroom to communicate all assignments, feedback and graded work.


Parents: I will also e-mail parents every two weeks using the parent e-mail listed in Skyward (the e-mail that you used to register your child) to help keep you informed about what topics we are covering.  I also encourage all parents to use your Family Skyward access  to monitor your child's grades.  I normally have my grades up to date by the end of each weekend for the previous week.


The link for Family Skyward Access is:


My favorite educational quote:

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. ---Brian Herbert


Some Technology topics that we will cover this year:     

  •      Classroom Procedures
  •      Digital Citizenship
  •      Computer Basics
  •      Google Apps (Google office documents, formatting Docs, spreadsheets, etc.)
  •      Graphic Designs
  •      Video animation (Widows Movie-maker and Pivot Animator)
  •      Intro to coding and robotics ( and Ozobots for education)
  •      Information Literacy (topics such as fair use/copyright)
  •      Global mapping tools (MapQuest, Google Earth)
  •      Technological Innovation (create a website with Google Sites)
  •      Google Apps Advanced  (More with Google Forms, Sheets, Drawing, and presentation)
  •      Continue with Google Apps Advanced
  •      3D Imaging using AutoDesk Inventor (AutoCAD)
  •      Recap and review of topics from the year



Technology Applications