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About Mrs. Beck

     Upon graduation from Texas Tech University, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with a specialization in English and Reading.  Although I have taught in all the schools in Bastrop (except Genesis), I have had Bastrop Intermediate School as my home campus.  I started out here as a Title I Reading teacher and I noticed the students with Dyslexia had their own set of problems and told my supervisor' "there must be something else we can do for them besides just read."  Soon after a department head at  Central office came to see me and I went to the Beginning and (the next summer) the Advanced course of what is now our phonics program called Basic Language Skills or BLS (bliss). I have also have taken at least forty workshops about teaching students with dyslexia. Also the Summer of 2013 I took a six week course, then a test in October 2013 and became a Master Reading Teacher. I enjoy teaching students about dyslexia and letting them know that people with dyslexia generally have a higher IQ, the problem is with the letters we use.